Babytour in Weidemann

It's never too early to discover art!

Here we provide a lot of fun, art of the highest class and free from scream and byssing. Anyway.

Baby shows are for children up to 2 years of age and their parents / followers, and are arranged on the first Wednesday of the month. Welcome to a quiet meeting of art. We let the babies participate and decide the pace. Free with museum ticket.

Program 2018
• 10. January: Kåre Kivijärvi - Cameraman
• 7. February: Marina Abramovic - The Cleaner
• 7. March: Day Alveng - Time Standing
• 4. April: Day Alveng - Time Stopped
• 2. May: Boye Family
• 6. June: Sculpture Park (if it's bad weather we see Volatile form - art on the poster indoors)
• 5. September: Jakob Weidemann
• 3. October: Jumana Manna
• 7. November: Henie Onstad 50 years. anniversary exhibition
• 5. December: Håkon Bleken

The tour starts at 13.