Welcome to a full day of Dada-cabaret at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter!

Saturday, November 23, 11am-7.30pm

Arven etter Cabaret Voltaire taes opp og det inviteres til en dag fylt med Dada på Høvikodden.

Doors open at 11am.

11.15am - Introduction by the curator, Ana María Bresciani, of The Great Monster Dada Show in the Auditorium (English).

11.30am - Sverre Wyller: Kurt Schwitters in Norway, in the Auditorium (English).

12.00pm - Ruth Hemus about Dada's women, in the Auditorium (English).

12.30pm - Q&A with curator Ana María Bresciani, Ruth Hemus and Sverre Wyller, in the Auditorium (English).

1pm - Are Mokkelbost: Collage forum (obs. only 20 persons, sign up).

1pm - Public tour of The Great Monster Dada Show.

1.30pm - Performance Cell/Soul by Marthe Ramm Fortun in The Great Monster Dada Show.

2pm - TVTV - Episode 2: Present - Performance by Siri Hjorth and Pernille Mercury Lindstad on the stage in The Great Monster Dada Show.

3.00pm - Concert with Morten Qvenild in Studio: Goodbye Intuition - Improvising with Satie and Machine.

3.30pm - Are Mokkelbost: Collage forum (obs. only 20 persons, sign up).

3.30pm - Selfie Choreography: Workshop with Harold Offeh (obs. only 20 persons, sign up).

4.30pm - Public tour of The Great Monster Dada Show.

5.30pm - Marcela Lucatelli in Studio.

6pm - Concert with Beglomeg in Studio (ticket).



SIGN UP Collage forum with ARE MOKKELBOST 1pm.


SIGN UP Collage forum with ARE MOKKELBOST 3.30pm.




Sverre Wyller

Artist Sverre Wyller studied at the art academies in Oslo and Berlin, and works mainly in painting and sculpture. He has been engaged with the efforts to attract local attention around German artist Kurt Schwitters in Norway.

Ruth Hemus

Ruth Hemus is a senior lecturer at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research focuses on female artists and writers related to Dada and Surrealism.

Are Mokkelbost

Are Mokkelbost is an artist, designer and self-taught musician. In Mokkelbost's multifaceted art and music practice, collage plays an important role in the creation of both images and compositions.

Marthe Ramm Fortun

Artist Marthe Ramm Fortun will set up a series of commissioned performances for “The Big Bad Dada Show” as the artist herself calls the exhibition. Dada women have long been a source of inspiration in her work, including the use of text and performative readings, which allow for improvisation and physical movement such as climbing and balance. For Henie Onstad's exhibition, Ramm Fortun has produced the work Ciel/ Sjel (2019), which looks at the concept of linguistic commandment and what it means to be both the carrier of a message and the message itself.

Siri Hjorth and Pernille Mercury Lindstad

TVTV is a performance series by artists Hjorth and Mercury. The series takes place on a TV stage designed and built in collaboration with Henie Onstad. Over the course of three episodes and a finissage, the audience will experience a combination of live and pre-recorded TV-shows. The cast of characters explore a lost generation of stereotypes situated in the past, present, and future. While investigating the theatrical aspects of Dada, TVTV questions the meaning of conventions, correctness, and taboo. The TVTV studio has contributions by Andreas Strand Renberg, Åsa Hillingseter Løyning, Ingvild Isaksen, and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas.

Morten Qvenild

Morten Qvenild is a jazz pianist and composer. He started his jazz career in the big band Ung Musikk in 1995, attended Toneheim Folk High School (1997-1998), before taking a degree in jazz at the Norwegian College of Music. For the Dada cabaret he will have perform Goodbye Intuition—Improvising with Satie and Machine.

Harold Offeh

Artist Harold Offeh works in a variety of mediums, including performance, video, and photography. He often uses humor to confront the spectator. His performance workshop Selfie Choreography: Performing with the Camera (2017) explores the body's potential playful ways, through the camera lens.

Marcela Lucatelli

Composer and vocalist Marcela Lucatelli is invited to perform her work during the Dada cabaret. Lucatelli's energetic tonal performance of incomprehensible words leads the listener to an almost unpleasant recognition where satire and despair are associated with other types of consciousness.


In 2015, Beglomeg Spellemann won the Rock class for his fascinating debut album Eurokrjem. In their very own theatrical and cabaret-like manner, Beglomeg mashes punk, disco, easy listening, trash culture, and political manifestations into a shameless and lifeless pop carousel.

In collaboration with Fritt Ord, the Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, and Göethe Institute, Oslo.