Photo at Henie Onstad

Autumn 2017, Henie Onstad launched a comprehensive and long-term commitment to photography. Thus, the art center will create unique photo exhibitions with an aim to increase the engagement and knowledge about photography as art form.

The project has been made possible through a five-year cooperation agreement with ABG, Aars, Kolonihagen and the Varner Group. It is also realized through a collaboration with Fritt Ord and the project "Norwegian Journal of Photography".

Oliver 33x25-72-ppi
Oliver 33x25-72-ppi

Experience photo at Henie Onstad

-We live at a time when photography surrounds us everywhere. Most of us carry a camera in the pocket. To have knowledge and understanding about the photograph as media is therefore more important than ever. We will work for more and more people to see photos at Henie Onstad. With very good and committed partners we have now been given the opportunity to initiate a unique initiative, says Director of Henie Onstad Art Center, Tone Hansen.


Through an ambitious five-year exhibition and education plan, the Art Center will reestablish its position as a place for the photographic medium. The commitment will be an important addition to existing Norwegian institutions that prioritize the photographic medium today. In the coming years, Henie Onstad will develop exhibitions, seminars, workshops and educational programs presenting younger talents, established photographers and historical legends.

An historical place for photo

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter at Høvikodden has been groundbreaking for almost 50 years to present the new and experimental art and is a historical place for photography in Norway. Ever since 1970, the Kunstsenter has shown photography as part of its exhibition program and has played an important role in establishing the photograph as an artistic expression.


Henie Onstad's photo commitment is realized in collaboration with: