Henie Onstad Art Channel

Experience closed exhibitions and unpublished archive material

From Thursday, March 26, Henie Onstad Art Channel will stream concerts, digital guided tours from exhibitions closed due to the Coronavirus, and other exclusive material to the public. We shall begin with the renowned and uncompromising band, Ulver.

-The closing of cultural institutions results in major consequences for artists, cultural workers, the public, and collaborative partners for a long time to come. During this time, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter will work ceaselessly to highlight the importance of culture, says Tone Hansen, Director of Henie Onstad Kunstsenter.

Henie Onstad’s response to the acute situation is to stream exclusive and previously unpublished material of exceptional quality from our archives. In the form of digital concerts, the public will experience recordings, commissioned pieces and concerts with artists such as Ulver, Lindstrøm, When, and Moon Relay. In addition to this, there will be digital guided tours in the closed exhibitions Picasso 347 andNew Visions, an improvised digital celebration of Arnold Haukeland’s 100-year jubilee on March 28, and a commissioned piece from the Ultima Festival performed at the museum.

Even though images on a screen will never live up to the physical experience of them, our art center wishes to contribute to important encounters with art in a time where the entire traditional cultural sphere is shut down.

After the art center made the heavy decision to close its doors, the work of laying a foundation to facilitate digital encounters became ever more significant. All content will initially be freely available to the public.

Henie Onstad Art Channel is developed in collaboration with Feed and ANTI.