The Henie Onstad Kunstsenter is temporarily closed

Dear all,

Starting 12 March, the Henie Onstad needed to take the decicion to close the doors of the museum in order to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The immediate consequence are quiet halls at the Art Center. Yet, we do not know the scope of the long term effects.

We all experience a lot of uncertainty these days. Not knowing is abruptly the new normal. At the same time, we are particularly aware what the Art Center is. The Henie Onstad is a place where the art meets its audience. And creation, production and presentation of art is just as important as encounters and interaction with it. Without the one, the other won´t work. It´s that simple.

On a regular basis our museum offers experiences you cannot get anywhere else. At this moment, we adapt to the situation as best as we can – both for the unusual everyday life we all are experiencing and for the time that will come when the museum will open again.

While the museum indoors has locked down, the sculpture park at Høvikodden is still open. And as long as you follow the regulations from the National Institute of Health, you can enjoy all the works of art outdoors. Please go for a treasure hunt to find large and small sculptures in the fjord, in the woods, on the lawns and even in the soundscape at Høvikodden.

We have also launched the new Henie Onstad Art Channel. Here we stream hidden gems from our archive, digital tours inside our exhibtions and works of art. Even though the building is closed, we remain digitally open.

The situation is tough for many, but better times are coming. Together with the team at Høvikodden I´m looking forward to this, and to welcome all of you into a shining art center. The art lives here, and so does your encounters with it.

Please take care of yourself and your fellows in this challenging time.

Tone Hansen,

If you have further questions, please contact us on



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