HOK Live

HOK Live

With its annual concert series, HOK Live presents a vast lineup of concerts, performances and presentations with established and emerging musicians and artists.

Combining a strong exhibition program with a focus on music, dance and performance has been, and remains, a central part of HOK's profile. This original vision—of preserving the past, present and future art through dynamic and interdisciplinary activities—has continued to influence the Kunstsenter since its opening in 1968. HOK regularly partners with Ny Musikk, All Ears, The Ultima Festival, and NOTAM and is an important exhibition space for experimental performance arts and music.

Prisma Records

In recent years, HOK has commissioned works by artists such as Stephen O’Malley, Deathprod, Jenny Hval and Jim O’Rourke. HOK's own recording label, Prisma Records, releases music which has been performed and recorded at HOK. Prisma Records has produced over twenty albums, with performers and composers such as Merzbow, Arne Nordheim, Tanja Orning and John Cage. Prisma Records produces sound, photographic and cinematic footage, thereby documenting the inter-aesthetic production of art that takes place at HOK. The albums are available in our webshop.

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