Jakob Weidemann

June 15 through October 14 2018

The major exhibition this summer presents the Norwegian iconic painter Jakob Weidemann (1923 -2001). In this comprehensive presentation you are invited into his colorful and abstract universe painted with the nature as an inspiration source.

The exhibition presents his entire career with a main focus o his early works and unknown paintings from the 40's and 50's.

In conjuction to the opening a major publication is released. Edited and curated by Henie Onstad's former director, Karin Hellandsjø.

Photo: Jakob Weidemann, Hestehovens skygge er blå, 1973


Jakob Weidemann, Hestehovens skygge er blå, 1973
Jakob Weidemann, Veien til Jerusalem, 1964-65

Babyomvisning i Weidemann


Babyomvisning i Weidemann

05.09 at 13:00