Art School

The education in Visual Arts and Photography at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter takes place in collaboration with Musikk- og kulturskolen in Bærum. Based on the exhibitions at the art center, HOK offers group-based courses in visual arts and photography throughout a whole school year. The goal for the education is to enhance the student’s understanding of the visual imagery and the underlying crafts techniques of both contemporary art and history of photography.

Visual arts 1
The main course in Visual Arts provides an introduction to areas such as:
Basic drawing
Exhibition in HOK Lab

The course is suitable for children between the age of 7-16.

Photography class for youth

The main course in Photography has classes on Wednesdays and provides an introduction to areas such as:
Studio portrait

No skills are required, but it is recommended that the participants bring their own camera. Imaging with iMac and Photoshop is a significant part of the course, and high quality equipment will be available for the participants. The course is suitable for students at the age of 13-16.

For more information on the education plan for the Art School and registration for next school year, contact Bærum Musikk- og kulturskole on phone: +47 67 50 43 10 or e-mail:

Art school
Art school