The Moon — From inner worlds to outer space

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with this large-scale exhibition that highlights the role, importance and fascinating power of the Moon. The exhibition presents approximately 200 works and objects—from Galileo's 17th century sketches to contemporary art installations.

The exhibition mixes art, film, architecture, cultural history, design and natural science into a vibrant and diverse portrait of our closest neighbor in the sky. We encounter the Moon as a symbol and a goal for our romantic and artistic longings, scientific inquiry, existential issues—and the urge for political expansion.

With this exhibition, we commemorate man's first steps on the Moon and call attention to a strong and renewed interest in the Moon both in art and as a springboard for a new Space Race with all its strategic and economic implications.

The exhibition has originally been curated by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and is presented at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter with additional Norwegian works.

ARTNEWS MAGAZINE: «The most intriguing show of the season?»

POLITIKEN: «...a wonderful and well staged experience...»

WEEKENDAVISEN: «Our longing after the Moon excellently curated...»

February 15–May 19 2019
Painting, installation, film, sculpture, literature and objects

Darren Almond, Fullmoon@Yesnaby, 2007
Max Ernst, Naissance dúne galaxie, 1969
Carl Julius Leypold, Kirchhofseingang, 1932