The Museum App (Kunstporten)

Kunstporten er utviklet for barn, unge og voksne, og kan brukes i utstillinger ved Henie Onstad Kunstsenter.

The museum app Kunstporten is a digital tour developed with children's families and school classes in mind, to help explore art works by means of questions and missions. The Kunstporten app can be used alone or in a small group, and has to target groups. The art agents (Kunstagenter) is suitable for children 6-13 years, while the Notepad (Huskelappen) is an inspirational way for middle school and high school students. Visitors may borrow iPods in the museum store, or one can download the app from App Store. It is a good idea to call in advance if you are a large group with more than 15 persons or send an email to

Art agents on the job