-When does the art center reopen after the lockdown?
In line with the recommendations given by national authorities, the Art Center reopens May 7. Please note we only allow 50 persons inside the exhibition galleries at a time.

-What are your opening hours?
Due to the situation the opening hours are reduced. Until further notice we are open Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 4pm. Monday and Tuesday the Art Center remains closed. Please note that the Art Center may be closed for public holidays. More information here.

-What´s on?
Read more about our exhibits and activities here.

-Is it neccesary to prebuy tickets?
We sell tickets to our exhibitions and events on Ticketmaster. It is also possible to buy tickets at the door as long as the event is not sold out.

-Am I grated access with a prebought ticket?

- Is the sculpture park open?
The sculpture park is open and available for all. It is situated outside in open landscape, and as long as you follow the advise given by the Institute of Public Health, there is no reason not to visit.

-Do you have a wardrobe and storage room for luggage?
Due to the corona situation the wardrobe and storage room is unfortunately closed. Please bear this in mind when you plan your visit. No large bags or umbrellas are allowed inside the exhibition galleries.

- Is the Kafe Piruetten open?
Yes, the restaurant reopens 7 May.

- How does the corona situation affect DKS?
Until further notice, all the DKS events for kids and school visists are cancelled.

- Where can I access the web shop?
Here is the link to Henie Onstad's web shop: https://nettbutikk.hok.no/

- Is it possible to rent a meeting room?
Yes, please contact us on booking@hok.no

- Is it possbile to book events during the summer months?
Yes, you are welcome to book events. We accept bookings continuously, please contact: booking@hok.no

- Will my membership be frozen during the time Henie Onstad is closed?
The Henie Onstad has not yet decided how to respond to this. The art center is continuously monitoring the situation, and will get back to you regarding this. Our goal is take care of our audiences in the best way possible.

-How do I get there?
Henie Onstad is located at Høvikodden, 15 minutes by car from Oslo. You can also commute by train or bus. Read more about the directions to Henie Onstad here.

-Are dogs welcome?
We only admit Guide Dogs for the blind.

-Can I bring my stroller into the exhibitions?
Yes, you can use your own stroller or borrow one at the museum.

-Is there a restaurant at Henie Onstad?
Yes, Kafe Piruetten is located at Henie Onstad and serves both hot and cold dishes.

-Do you have activities for children?
Due to the new restricitons the Lab and workspace for children at Høvikodden is temporarily closed.

-Can I book a guided tour?
It might be possible. Please contact us on booking@hok.no

-Can I book a guided tour in the evening?
It might be possible, although it will be expensive. The customer must take the cost of extra security, safety and operation. Please contact booking for more information.

- Is the museum wheelchair accessible?
Yes, wheelchair access is very good throughout the building.

-How much time should I estimate?
We recommend spending 2-3 hours at the museum, experiencing the exhibitions and go for a walk in the sculpture park and the forest. In addition, there is a beautiful beach where it is wonderful to go swimming in summer and you can enjoy a meal at Kafe Piruetten. In the gift shop you can buy Norwegian design products.