Unique accommodation at Henie Onstad Sanatorium

12. May - 10. September

From May 12th until September 10th, the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter will be transformed into the Henie Onstad Sanatorium by internationally renowned artist Carsten Höller. The exhibition will present numerous playful and experimental installations, offering unique experiences to the public.

The installation Two Roaming Beds plays a central role in the Henie Onstad Sanatorium where guests are invited to spend the night.

Two Roaming Beds comprises two identical beds, equipped with robotic technology and an automated control system. The beds move slowly through parts of the exhibition, simultaneously exploring and leaving their mark on the gallery halls.

For the Henie Onstad Sanatorium project, Lysebu Hotel will contribute to the experience with luxurious towels, bed linen, slippers, and bathrobes for all overnight guests.

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Further questions regarding the overnight stay possibilities at Henie Onstad Sanatorium, please contact us at sanatorium@hok.no

Carsten Höller: Henie Onstad Sanatorium


Carsten Höller: Henie Onstad Sanatorium


Through a series of experimental installations and sculptures, treatment-seekers can float, slide and fly their way through the Sanatorium.