Hymn of Life


Installation shot: Martine Hoff Jensen / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Hymn of Life (2016) by Yayoi Kusama is permanently installed at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter.


In art history Yayoi Kusama's work are truly original contributions to post-war, and neo avant-garde art. Since her time in the center of New York's avant-garde, her art has circled around the same basic themes: fantasies of infinity, dizzying psychological space one can disappear in, and the desire to be extinguished by the world. In Kusama's art, infinity is both a cosmic space, a spiritual idea and a bottomless psychological depth.

The attraction to this great nothing is characterized by both lust and anxiety. The Hymn of Life installation was designed specifically for the exhibition tour with Yayoi Kusama, and was shown for the first time at Høvikodden at the art center's big Kusama exhibition in 2016.

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